The ProDig Bale Grab is an extremely robust unit for moving bales with minimal damage to the plastic wrap. The unit is suitable for Tractor, Tele-Handler and Articulated Loader.

  • Hydraulic bale grab for quick and efficient moving and stacking of bales.

  • Wrap damage is eliminated by our tubular arms covering a large area of the bale wrap.

  • Arms can be locked in multiple positions on either side for stacking purposes.

  • The grab allows for stacking bales on their end or on their side.

  • Excellent width capabilities from 1810mm to 360mm.

  • Can handle round or small square bales for loading or unloading.

  • The frame depth is kept at a minimum so the bale sits closer to the machine.

  • Double acting hydraulic ram with check valve for constant grip and safety.

  • Bushings and grease points on all pivot points.

  • Bolt on hitches available to fit all machines.

Bale Handler

The ProDig Bale Handler is designed and manufactured for reliability and extremely long service life. The unit is manufactured with high operator visibility, the main legs are engineered and fabricated from High Yield plate and quick release large diameter rollers make this a fast, efficient and versatile attachment that can be fitted to Tractor, Tele-Handler or Articulated Loader.

  • Hydraulic bale handler for quick and efficient moving and stacking of bales.

  • Large diameter rollers reduce plastic stress and ensure safe and secure handling of wrapped bales.

  • Unique locking system on the tubes means removal takes seconds, without tools.

  • The best tube roller system on the market for free spinning greasable tubes.

  • Heavy duty legs fabricated using Hardox plate and heavy wall tine bush for long life.

  • 1250mm stone fork tines as standard.

  • Bushings and grease points on all pivot points.

  • Oversize hydraulic ram means the handler can easily rip bales apart in feeding season.

  • Open centres 1650mm, closed centres 730mm.

  • Uniquely designed bale handler means it is suitable for both tractors and telehandlers.

  • Bolt on hitches available to fit all machines.

Bale Stacker

The ProDdig Bale Stacker is an attachment designed to increase efficiency when handling large numbers of round and square bales with units available to suit Tractor Loader or Tele-Handler/Articulated Loader.

  • Hydraulic grab for moving and stacking large square and round bales.

  • Removable bottom tine bar which can be floating, or fixed, up or down as standard.

  • Curved tines in arm spaced to catch all bale types.

  • Double hydraulic ram system with no troublesome linkage bars.

  • Fitted as standard- Adjustable pressure relief valve to reduce damage to bales from over gripping

  • Top push bar with height adjustment to stabilise the stack when retracting bottom tines.

  • Heavy duty construction using structural grade box section and plate throughout.

  • Available with bolt on hitch system to suit all machines.

  • All hinge points fitted with greasable bushings.

  • Unique locking system on bottom bar allows it to be removed in seconds with no tools required.

  • Arms made with plate section for a stiffer frame.

  • Bolt on hitches available to fit all machines.